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Carol Mark, Publisher

Certified Tea Sommelier

the love of Tea Magazine came out of my adventures and longing for a magazine that would be informative, artsy, whimsical, joyful and most important of all—a magazine that I would love to read. Taking tea is a special time, a time to reflect, as well to connect with the inner & outer world. Enjoy it even more with the love of Tea Magazine !

As John Lennon said -” life happens when you are busy making other plans”. Tea has always been part of my life and heritage, but it became an even greater aspect of my life when recovering from cancer. I took a tea course, which led to becoming a certified tea sommelier.

Part of the journey included my curiosity and interest in the history of tea with its origin and the transition into the revival of the 21st century. As an adult, living with the stresses and speed of modern technology, the ritual of “taking time for yourself” has moved to the forefront of my thoughts. Perhaps others who make the daily round in corporate towers are seeking the same kind of comfort and relaxation that I noticed as a child. Maybe this is part of the reason why tea has become so enormously popular.